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Dream Team Vision

All SAU Tech students will feel guided, supported, valued, and empowered to reach their personal, academic, and career goals.


In fall 2018, the SAU Tech leadership accepted the invitation from Arkansas Community Colleges (ACC) to participate in the Achieving the Dream (AtD) initiative. A group of employees were identified to serve on a team that would guide the work of the holistic student supports the initiative. Holistic student supports redesign aims to create a seamless, personalized, and holistic support experience for all students. A holistic student supports approach emphasizes the need for colleges to redefine the way they understand, design, and deliver the range of services that are critical for the success of every student.  Holistic student supports provide the mechanism for institutions to operationalize their guided pathways work, particularly helping students get on and stay on their chosen path.  The broader notion of holistic student supports builds on the foundation of student financial stability and integrates academic advising, career counseling, financial coaching, income/work supports, and wraparound services so that all students are (1) supported in creating intentional and early academic, financial, and career plans; (2) all students only have to tell their story once and are not bounced around campus to receive the supports they need; (3) are proactively connected to the supports they need before they reach a crisis point; and (4) believe that faculty, staff, and administrators are invested in their success.


This initiative was kicked off on November 14-16, 2018 at the Arkansas Holistic Student Supports (HSS) Institute. Over the last two years, this group of employees has been working on initiatives that support the holistic student supports the approach. We have received customized implementation coaching that included: 1) Three two-day on-site visits in which the coach provided a combination of facilitated planning sessions and hands-on training sessions and 2) Two virtual coaching hours per month for team check-ins, review of plans/material, webinars on specific implementation topics. Our AtD coach is John Grant, Dean of Student Development at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. John was an amazing coach and we will certainly miss his support and guidance that he provided over the last two years.


During this process, the group named itself the Dream Team. The Dream Team is a standing committee that meets on a regular basis to identify gaps in student supports and create action plans to address the gaps. Once the action is completed, the responsibility to continue the activity is handed off to the appropriate individual/department.


We will continue to share our work during regular convocation meetings. Visit this page often for updates on the work of this team.



  • Welcome Form - All new incoming students are ready and prepared to start learning before the first day of class (i.e., registered for classes, financial aid completed, accessed student email, parking permit obtained, housing reserved, intake form completed)
  • Redesign of SOAR
  • Create Rocket Launch – A program intended to make students aware of campus and community services and how to access them and learn more about their academic program.
  • Revision of communication plan - A clear communication plan will be established that includes what information needs to be communicated with students with a timeline for when it should be shared.
  • Improvements of admissions application -All prospective students will be able to complete the application for admission without any questions regarding student classification and degree choice. 
  • Student financial planning and budgeting – Students will be provided a worksheet for his/her respective program that will include costs. The purpose of this activity is to provide students a clear picture of their balance owed so that they can make plans for covering the outstanding balance.
  • Revision of student housing application process
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Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 04-09-2020.pdf (.pdf, 91K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 04-15-2020.pdf (.pdf, 23K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 04-23-2020.pdf (.pdf, 9K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 04-27-2020.pdf (.pdf, 20K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 05-07-2020.pdf (.pdf, 9K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 05-11-2020.pdf (.pdf, 13K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 05-21-2020.pdf (.pdf, 13K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 05-29-2019.pdf (.pdf, 45K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 06-17-2020.pdf (.pdf, 15K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 06-20-2019.pdf (.pdf, 31K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 07-11-2019.pdf (.pdf, 157K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 07-15-2020.pdf (.pdf, 32K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 07-30-2020.pdf (.pdf, 31K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 08-08-2019.pdf (.pdf, 36K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 08-25-2020.pdf (.pdf, 30K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 09-14-2020.pdf (.pdf, 29K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 09-19-2019.pdf (.pdf, 34K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 09-22-2020.pdf (.pdf, 87K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 10-03-2019.pdf (.pdf, 35K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 11-26-2019.pdf (.pdf, 36K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 03-01-2021.pdf (.pdf, 149K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 03-15-2021.pdf (.pdf, 84K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 04-12-2021.pdf (.pdf, 137K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 09-29-2021.pdf (.pdf, 18K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 10-27-2021.pdf (.pdf, 19K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 11-10-2021.pdf (.pdf, 11K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 01-19-2022.pdf (.pdf, 109K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 02-02-2022.pdf (.pdf, 115K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 02-16-2022.pdf (.pdf, 17K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 03-02-2022.pdf (.pdf, 17K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 04-13-2022.pdf (.pdf, 78K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes - 05-25-2022.pdf (.pdf, 77K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes 09-28-2022 (.pdf, 103K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes 10-26-2022 (.pdf, 78K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes 08-03-2022 (.pdf, 147K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes 06-21-2022 (.pdf, 82K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes 07-06-2022 (.pdf, 156K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes 08-03-2022 (.pdf, 79K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes 10-12-2022 (.pdf, 78K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes 02-15-2023 (.pdf, 82K)
Dream Team Meeting Minutes 03-01-2023 (.pdf, 174K)
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Dr. Valerie Wilson, Vice Chancellor for Academics & Planning/DT Co-Chair 


Dr. Edward Rice, Vice Chancellor for Student Services/DT Co-Chair


Jodi Eppinette, Associate Vice Chancellor for Instruction 


Marcus Copeland, Director of Student Success & Academic Engagement


Faith Brock, Student Resources Coordinator/WORC Grant 


Lisa Holland, Assistant Controller


Jenny Sanders, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services & Registrar


Sara Landaverde, English Instructor/Assessment Coordinator


Connie Riley, Financial Aid Director 


Courtney Haygood, Dean of Student Life & Housing


Kimberly Coker, Dean of Communications & Development


Robyn Binns, Director of Student Records


Divesh Acharya, Computer Information Technology Instructor


Paulina Curbelo-Johnson, Graphic Design Instructor


African American woman in pink sweater

Rita Givens, Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Research


Brunette woman in geometric blouse

Lauren Mitchell, Statistician