The Blog portlet allows authorized users to post text and photos for the rest of the portal community to review.

There are two "views" of the Blog portlet:

·       The primary view of the portlet can be used for creating posts, if you have permission, and reading them.

·       The "My Subscriptions" view of the Blog portlet is intended solely for reading items. In these help pages, we will refer to this as your My Subscriptions view. With this view, you can display posts published in all Blog portlet instances that you subscribe to. You can display this view in any instance of the Blog portlet; you can also add a "My Subscriptions" Blog portlet view to a My Subscriptions page within your My Pages context.

Unless otherwise noted, when these help pages mention the Blog portlet, they refer to the primary view of the portlet -- not the My Subscriptions view.

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