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  • What type of help is needed (e.g., fire, police, ambulance, etc.)? For a medical emergency on campus, generally request both an ambulance and campus security.
  • Where is the emergency situation is, ie.  building, floor, and room number or location?
  • What happened (e.g., overdose, fall, fire, etc.)?
  • What phone number are you calling from?  
  • How many persons need help?
  • What is being done for the victim? 
NOTE: Let the person you called hang up the telephone first; you hang up last. If you must leave the phone, leave the phone off the hook so that the call can be traced. 

SAU Tech determines as early as possible the morning of the day in question whether or not the College will be open for business at the regular time, delay opening, or be closed.

Once the decision has been made, the AVC for Communications & Development does the following in the order listed below:

  1.  RAVE notification (email, phone call & text)
  2.  All employee email is sent
  3.  The information is posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  4.  SAU Tech Website (this depends on the status of electricity in our area)

If possible, announcements of weather-related closings will be made by 7:00 AM for day classes or 2:00 PM for evening classes.  

Day classes are those classes that meet Monday through Friday and begin before 4:00 PM. Evening classes are those classes that meet Monday through Friday and begin at 4:00 PM or later.

Special weekend class cancellations will be determined and announced by the sponsoring academy, agency, or institution.

Off-campus class cancellations will be determined by the conditions at that location, and announcements will be made from that location.

Please remember that there are numerous scenarios that can happen at any given time, and the bottom line is that we do not want you to expose yourself to any unnecessary danger due to driving in dangerous weather. 

Campus Police

  • 574-4517 (4517) - Emergency Only
  • 870-818-6353 - Non-Emergency


  • Police: 837-2200
  • Fire Department: 836-2413
  • Ambulance service: 574-3650
  • Calhoun Co. Sheriff's Office:  870-798-2323 
  • Ouachita Co. Sheriff's Office: 870-798-2323
  • SAU Tech Student Services Office: 574-4504 
  • Student Life: 574-4505
  • Student Housing Office: 574-4519


If you are on campus call 4517 for campus police. If you can't reach anyone at these numbers, call 231-5300 for the Ouachita County Sheriff or 870-798-2323 for the Calhoun County Sheriff. For ambulance service, call 574-3650.  For the fire department, call 836-2413. 

When dialing off-campus, the prefix 9 must be dialed with all off-campus numbers. When dialing on-campus numbers, dial only the last four numbers (e.g., 4517).