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Log-in Information

MyCollege – Students

Username=Student ID Number

Password=CampusConnect PIN


If you have never logged into CampusConnect:

  • Your password will be the last four digits of your SSN without leading zeros.
  • You will be prompted to set a PIN.
  • Once you set a PIN, you will use this for your Password to log-in from that point forward.


Ex.: John Smith has a student ID of 1234-56789.   His SSN is ***-**-2468.

His username is 123456789 and password is 2468.


Ex.: Jane Smith has a student ID of 1223-03456.   Her SSN is ***-**-0135.

His username is 122303456  and password is 135.

If you are unable to login, email Patrick Graham at

MyCollege - Employees

Username = SAU  Tech Email User Name

Password =  letmein1 (The first time you log into MyCollege)

Campus Connect

  • Log in to MyCollege.
  • Click “Campus Connect” at the top of the screen.
  • Click on “Brightspace” on the left side of the page


Username = last name (first letter capitalized)+first letter of first name(capitalized)+last four digits of student ID

Password = Same as Username.  Be sure to change it the first time you log in.

Example 1: John Smith has a student ID of 1234-56789. 

                    His username and password are SmithJ6789.


Example 2: John McAnulty has a student ID of 9876-12345. 

                    His username and password are McAnultyJ2345.





Username: Your email address is: lastname+first initial of firstname+last four digits of student

Ex.: John Smith has a student ID of 1234-56789. 

His email address is .


Password: The default password for the first time access is “Password1”.  For some students, the default password may be "password".


New password has to be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least one capital letter and one number.

If you send a request to reset your email password, try to log in again the next day.  

The password will be reset back to the default.