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SAU Tech Reaffirmation Action Letter 6-22-20 (.pdf, 98K)
SAU Tech Institutional Organization Chart (.pdf, 222K)
SAU Tech Allied Health Organizational Chart (.pdf, 77K)
SAU Tech Shared Governance Policy (.pdf, 77K)
SAU Tech Allied Health Coordinator Job Description (.pdf, 342K)
RN Instructor Job Description (.pdf, 135K)
Sim Lab Coordinator Job Description (.pdf, 106K)
Administrative Assistant Job Description (.pdf, 128K)
RN Clinical Evaluation (.pdf, 92K)
RN Program Budget (.pdf, 99K)
Nursing Database in RSC (.pdf, 229K)
SAU Tech Campus Map (.pdf, 416K)
Shumaker Hall First Floor (.pdf, 259K)
Shumaker Hall Second Floor (.pdf, 245K)
SAU Tech Faculty Handbook (.pdf, 1109K)
SAU Tech Employee Orientation (.pdf, 1876K)
SAU Tech Student Services (.docx, 26K)
Accounts Payable & Purchasing Guide 2024 (.pdf, 1953K)
SAU Tech LPN/Paramedic to RN Student Handbook (.pdf, 1300K)
SAU Tech LPN/Paramedic to RN Student Handbook (.pdf, 1300K)
SAU Tech RN Curriculum Map (.pdf, 156K)
RN Clinical Facilities (.pdf, 187K)
S Young Resume (.pdf, 40K)
SAU Tech RN Faculty Summary (.pdf, 170K)
Graduation Results (.pdf, 76K)
SAU Tech RN Clinical Schedule (.pdf, 168K)
SAU Tech CBC Acknowledgment (.pdf, 163K)
SAU Tech Student Handbook Verification Form (.pdf, 139K)
Clinical Contract_OCMC 2024 (.pdf, 261K)
Allied Health Depart Meeting Minutes May 2023 (.pdf, 171K)
Allied Health Depart Meeting Minutes March 2024 (.pdf, 141K)
RN SOAR Handout (.pdf, 94K)
SAU Tech RN Faculty Handbook (.pdf, 451K)
Post Sim Student Evaluation (.pdf, 128K)
Simulation Objectives 2024 (.pdf, 129K)
Debriefing Policy (.pdf, 117K)
RN Faculty Handbook (.pdf, 453K)
Systematic Evaluation Plan 2023-2024 (.pdf, 196K)
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