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Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan (.pdf, 25K)
Data & Evidence
Concurrent Feeder High Schools (.pdf, 72K)
Enrollment History AY 2002-2011 (.pdf, 76K)
LPN & CNA State Certificate Data (.pdf, 155K)
Career Centers Enrollment (.pdf, 67K)
Transfer Out Data (.pdf, 85K)
Program Review Action Project (.pdf, 16K)
Program Review Process (.pdf, 46K)
Process Chart - Mission Statement (.pdf, 82K)
AQIP Blast - Strategy Form (2018) (.pdf, 299K)
Rocket Nation Liftoff Committee Meeting Minutes (.pdf, 683K)
Mission Survey Results (.pdf, 90K)
Mission, Vision, and Values - First Draft (.pdf, 130K)
Board Minutes - 05-30-2019 (.pdf, 81K)
Mission, Vision, and Values - Final 2019 (.pdf, 249K)
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Agreement (.pdf, 161K)
ALETA Agreement (.pdf, 198K)
LED Retrofit Project (.pdf, 319K)
Advisory Committees (.pdf, 1837K)
Program Suggestion - Web Site (.pdf, 57K)
Program Suggestions - Recruiting (.pdf, 69K)
Board Member Appointment (.pdf, 106K)
Board Training (.pdf, 71K)
Board Responsibility (.pdf, 54K)
Solar Power Agreement (.pdf, 1729K)
Curriculum Committee (.pdf, 2711K)
Assessment Committee (.pdf, 664K)
Board Manual (.pdf, 31K)
Program Tracking Log (.pdf, 62K)
Syllabus Plagiarism Excerpt (.pdf, 35K)
UpSwing Video Tutorials (.pdf, 255K)
Works Cited Services (.pdf, 154K)
Assignment Instructions (.pdf, 841K)
Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes - 11-21-19 (.pdf, 67K)
GEC Syllabus (.pdf, 82K)
Assessment Overview (.pdf, 42K)
CCSSE Student-Faculty Interacton (.pdf, 52K)
CCSSE Highest Engagement (.pdf, 34K)
Graduate Opinion Survey (.pdf, 154K)
AQIP Project - Co-Curricular Assessment (.pdf, 184K)
Co-Curricular Assessment Results (.pdf, 123K)
Program Review Results (.pdf, 76K)
Program Assessment Schedule (.pdf, 162K)
Progress of Program Assessment (.pdf, 36K)
Instructor Success Rate Goals (.pdf, 85K)
Program Viability Results (.pdf, 13K)
Resource Allocation (.pdf, 233K)
Employee Self-Evaluation (.pdf, 253K)
Faculty Evaluation for PD (.pdf, 22K)
Monthly Budget Activity Report (.pdf, 20K)
Budget Overage Report (.pdf, 5K)
Financial Condition Report (.pdf, 941K)
Audit Report Presentation (.pdf, 259K)
Board Agenda (.pdf, 126K)
Rocket Nation Council Meeting Minutes (.pdf, 1241K)
CSO Meeting Minutes (.pdf, 1305K)
ASO Meeting Minutes (.pdf, 142K)
CSO Constitution (.pdf, 220K)
ASO Constitution (.pdf, 205K)
Faculty Senate Constitution (.pdf, 135K)
Student Leadership Meeting Minutes (.pdf, 9763K)
SAUT Committees (.pdf, 121K)
Budget Process (.pdf, 87K)
Employee Self-Evaluation - Budget (.pdf, 318K)
Biennial Request (.pdf, 59K)
Budget Template Form (.pdf, 501K)
Institutional Planning Process Chart (.pdf, 92K)
SAUT Strategic Plans (.pdf, 898K)
Executive Retreat - 2017 (.pdf, 72K)
Priority Items - 2017 (.pdf, 87K)
Chancellor Ideas and Thoughts - 2016 (.pdf, 60K)
Strategic Plan Initiatives - 2017 (.pdf, 34K)
Strategic Plan Committee Meeting Minutes (.pdf, 45K)
Strategic Plan Timeline (.pdf, 51K)
Cost Containment Practices (.pdf, 70K)
Position Vacancy (.pdf, 122K)
SWOT Analysis Results - 2019 (.pdf, 60K)
Student On-Boarding Process Chart (.pdf, 93K)
Class Schedule Flowchart - New Process (.pdf, 26K)
Class Schedule Flowchart - Old Process (.pdf, 190K)
Class Schedule Matrix (.pdf, 135K)
Grant Revenue (.pdf, 51K)
Workforce Training Revenue (.pdf, 51K)
Assessment Report - Non Academic (.pdf, 211K)
Evaluation of Recruiting and Hiring (.pdf, 10K)
Hiring Process (.pdf, 119K)
SAUT Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (.pdf, 90K)
Board of Trustees Orientation (.pdf, 8284K)
Dream Team Action Plan (.pdf, 341K)
Priority Items 2017 - Update (.pdf, 89K)
Data Task Force (.pdf, 121K)
State Agency Vehicle Application (SAVA) (.pdf, 85K)
Capital Improvement Form (.pdf, 119K)
Physical Plant Work Order System (.pdf, 12K)
Physical Plant Work Orders Report (.pdf, 258K)
Physical Plant Preventive Maintenance Report (.pdf, 129K)
SAUT Energy Saving Improvements (.pdf, 40K)
Program Assessment Report (.pdf, 263K)
Student Support Services Usage (.pdf, 29K)
GECs Assessed by Programs (.pdf, 36K)
GEC Assessment Results (Fall 2014-Spring 2017) (.pdf, 96K)
Course Assessment Results - 2017-2018 (.pdf, 670K)
GEC Assessment Results (Fall 2017 & Spring 2018) (.pdf, 86K)
SAUT External Program Review Schedule (.pdf, 28K)
SAUT Internal Program Review Schedule (.pdf, 29K)
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