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Creating Your Digital Signature

Preparing Your Handwritten Signature

Creating Your Digital Signature - Use this video to create a signature for the first time or to create a new signature when you have forgotten your password.  

If you have a digital signature, and only want to replace the handwritten signature, start watching at 2:12.

Signing a Document that Does Not Have a Signature Field

Digital Signature FAQ

Q: I forgot my password.  Can you reset it for me?

A: No, passwords to digital signatures are not recoverable. You will need to start over and make a new signature.  See "Creating Your Digital Signature" above.  Write your password down somewhere safe.

Q: I know I have the correct password, but it won't work.

A: Try the following:

  • Make sure you really are using the right password - it will have a minimum of 6 characters.
  • Make sure CapsLock is turned off.  Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Understand that your electronic signature password is not connected to your email/windows password.  It will not change when you change your email/windows password.

 Q: I want to sign a form digitally, but it does not have a form field.

A:  No problem.  Fill out the form as usual.  Then see the video above named "Signing Forms without Signature Fields."  


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