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SAU Tech Catalogs
2020-2021 Catalog (.pdf, 1920K)
2019-2020 Catalog (.pdf, 2616K)
2018-2019 Catalog (.pdf, 14017K)
2017-2018 Catalog (.pdf, 11653K)
2016-2017 Catalog (.pdf, 2361K)
2015-2016 Catalog (.pdf, 1182K)
2014-2015 Catalog (.pdf, 11574K)
2013-2014 Catalog (.pdf, 2797K)
RHA Officer Application Packet (.pdf, 118K)
Housing Manual (.pdf, 34734K)
Drug and Alcohol Education
Drug and Alcohol Education - Slideshow (.ppsx, 6277K)
Drug and Alcohol Education - pdf (.pdf, 656K)
Financial Aid
Exit Counseling Instructions (.doc, 138K)
Federal Work Study Employment Application (.pdf, 254K)
Financial Aid Release Form (.pdf, 39K)
Nursing Loan Applications (.doc, 68K)
Nursing Loan FAQ's (.doc, 51K)
Student Leadership Team Benevolence Fund Policy and Application (.pdf, 79K)
Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver (.pdf, 144K)
Authorization for the Release of Student Information -FERPA (.pdf, 131K)
Authorization to Withhold Directory Information (.pdf, 33K)
Updated 11/21/13
Graduation Checklist and Application (.pdf, 131K)
Updated 3/3/14
Request to Amend or Remove Education Records (.pdf, 44K)
Rights under FERPA for Post Secondary Institutions (.pdf, 102K)
Updated 11/21/13
Student Request to Review Education Records (.pdf, 36K)
Updated 11/21/13
Student Request for a Hearing (.pdf, 58K)
Updated 11/21/13
Penalties for Copyright Infringement (.pdf, 175K)
Degree Declaration (.pdf, 88K)
Drop or Withdraw Form (.pdf, 128K)

Updated 10/13/15

Change of Address (.pdf, 100K)
Change of Major (.pdf, 70K)
Transcript Request (.pdf, 114K)
Direct Deposit for Students (.pdf, 253K)
Updated 04/01/19
Note: This form is for the refund of financial aid and/or scholarship funds.  Student workers should see Debbie Beasley in the business office to have their paychecks direct deposited.
Student Handbook 2020-21 (.pdf, 13248K)
Free Expression Policy (.pdf, 22K)
Information Technology
Internet Access and Use Agreement (.pdf, 214K)
Computer Use Policy (.pdf, 24K)
Facilities Usage Policies
On-Campus Facilities Usage Policy (.pdf, 109K)
Outdoor Court Usage Policy (.pdf, 49K)
Student Center Usage Policy (.pdf, 119K)
Walking Trail Usage Policy (.pdf, 49K)
Indoor Area Request Form (.pdf, 44K)
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