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A 3 month relationship, which started out as the closest thing I’ve ever had to a one night stand, with a guy who was meant to be leaving the country in a few weeks (he subsequently stayed and turned into the Heartbreaker).

A total crush on an inappropriate person (friend’s brother) who didn’t return the crush.

So what’s the single linking factor here? All of these involve me having a serious yen for a boy who I know it will never work out with.


On the other side we have….


The Scientist. Hot, smart, nice, good arms, met all criteria. Clearly was after long-term commitment.

I ended it after 4 dates.


MagicMan. Hot, smart, nice, AMAZING arms, met all criteria. Clearly was after long-term commitment.

I ended it after 3 dates.


So what does this mean? Have I returned to my early twenties state where I ran screaming at the sight of anyone with a whiff of wedding ring?


The thing is, in my head, I am looking for, and would love to be in, a happy, long-term relationship. But in reality, I honestly don’t know if I really should be finding myself another one of those handy ‘friends-with-benefits’ types… just this time, one that lives in my city.


The jury is still out.


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Take2: Arms, faaaabulous arms

Posted on August 26, 2010 by Take2| 4 Comments

“That she will keep returning always and evermore, into my arms, oh lord, into my arms” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds












































































Infrared heaters are good at providing focused and efficient heating for specific purposes and in certain situations. Here are some of the advantages and applications where infrared heaters excel:


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Efficiency: Infrared heaters are known for their energy efficiency. They convert a high percentage of the energy they consume into heat, which is then radiated out.


Quick Heating: Infrared heaters heat up quickly, often within seconds of being turned on, unlike some other heating methods that may take longer to distribute warmth.


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Outdoor Use: Infrared heaters are often used for outdoor heating on patios, decks, or in open spaces. They provide instant warmth even in cold outdoor conditions.


No Air Circulation: Unlike traditional forced-air heating systems, infrared heaters do not rely on blowing air, which can distribute dust and allergens. This makes them a good choice for people with allergies.


Zonal Heating: They are suitable for zonal heating in homes or buildings with inconsistent heating, allowing you to focus warmth where it's needed most.


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Industrial Applications: Infrared heaters are used in various industrial applications, such as drying paint or coatings, curing materials, and in manufacturing processes where precise and controlled heating is necessary.

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I wonder how much of this is subconcious attraction and how much is truly racism… I don’t care what color you are, but I personally don’t find several races… physically attractive. That doesn’t mean I would automatically ignore your messages just becasue of your race, but lets be real… the first attraction IS physical. You can’t tell me you look at pics and if you think the person is unattractive you take the time to read their profile.


October 15, 2009 at 4:06 pm

KT Chong says:

Marc, it is what it is. I’ve read enough studies of this sort to come to some conclusions:


White women are the true hypocrites. White women say (and even promote) one thing in the open, but then in the private they do a different thing when they think no one else is watching and will know. Study after study has shown that white women are the most close-minded in dating. That is why white women really, really despise studies like this one, and always try to vehemently deny, discredit and debunk the studies. I’ve seen it happen too often: when white women come across a study that reveals them as they are, they would inevitably whine, scream, yell, complain and attack the study (and sometimes even the people who did the study.)


White men, who are generally being regarded as the most racist demographic group, are actually more open-minded and even-handed when it comes to dating women of different races. In fact, they can be even more open-minded and even-handed than men of other races in dating women of different races.


In regards to the popular Asian women/white men interracial coupling, it’s actually Asian women who have a preference for white men. White men actually do NOT have a “fetish” for Asian women.