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Welcome to mycollege, SAU Tech's web portal! If you are a student currently taking classes, you can register and see your classes, view financial aid, and check your account balance. You can see more information for SAU Tech Students by clicking on the STUDENTS tab at the top of the screen. 

Notifications During Inclement Weather or Unforeseen Events

SAU Tech makes every effort to notify staff and students of any closures or delays related to weather, electrical outages, or other unforeseen events. 

Below is the order of notifications for changes to SAU Tech's hours of operations:

  1. social media (Facebook pages, twitter, Instagram)
  2. email (the college’s email system)/I use a different service to send emails to students (SAU Tech email, personal email, and Brightspace email)
  3. RAVE
  4. college website (
  5. local radio stations (Camden local)

If you do not use social media, please check the college’s website. 

You can sign-up for RAVE alerts using your SAU Tech email at this link

The RAVE link is also at the bottom of SAU Tech’s home page at Sign up with your SAU Tech email so you receive SAU Tech alerts since the system is shared with SAU Magnolia.

If you are experiencing weather that makes it dangerous to drive and you have not received a closure notice from SAU Tech, or have not seen the notice on the channels above, please contact your supervisor about your work attendance. The same applies if you are a student, you should contact your instructor.

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