Loan disbursement dates are mailed to you in your award letter.  Loan refunds are ready about a week after your disbursement date.  You will receive an email when your direct deposit has been processed.

 Remember Loans must pay tuition/fees first so if your loan comes in before the Pell grant, then you may not receive a refund of your loan.

 Pell, Academic Challenge, Workforce Improvement Grants and all other refundable aid will be refunded as follows:

Direct Deposit                  TBA

Paper Checks                    TBA– Please bring PHOTO ID to pick up your paper check in the Business Office.  No checks will be mailed on this day.

 Student refunds are issued via Direct Deposit.

 If you are currently enrolled in Direct Deposit, your authorization will remain in effect until you contact the Business Office in writing to change.  Your Financial Aid refund will be deposited in the bank account that you provided to SAU Tech for previous semesters.  VERY IMPORTANT: If you have a banking change and need to change your account information, please submit a new Direct Deposit Authorization form to the Business Office and mark “Change of Account” at the top of the form.

 If you are not enrolled in Direct Deposit,  we encourage you to complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form and submit to the Business Office at your earliest convenience.  The forms can be obtained in the Business Office or can be printed from the SAU Tech website www.sautech.edu under Student Forms.


 The Business Office will continue to accept Direct Deposit forms after September 5 for later refund dates.  The Direct Deposit information must be in the Business Office at least 2 business days prior to your disbursement date in order to guarantee direct deposit.

Call 870-574-4503 or email lholland@sautech.edu for more information!