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Team Members

Dr. Edward Rice, Vice Chancellor for Student Services- ERT Chair

Gaye Manning, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration- ERT Co-Chair

Dr. Jason Morrison, SAU Tech Chancellor 

Dr. Valerie Wilson, Vice Chancellor for Academics & Planning

Jud Mitchell, Campus Police - ERT Incident Commander

Carl Ramsay, Director of SAU Tech Physical Plant

Shelley Young, Dean of Allied Health Programs

Kimberly Coker, Dean of Communications & Public Relations- ERT Media Contact 

Emergency Training, Drills, & Incident Log

Activity Center*       Fire Training Academy Jonesboro Site  
Captain: Courtney Haygood     Captain:      
Co-Captain: Paula Doss              
          Fire Training Academy Lincoln Site  
Administration Building       Captain: Lonnie Harrell    
Captain: Debbie Beasley       Co-Captain      
Co-Captain: Connie Riley              
          Fire Training Academy Administration Building
Adult Education - Magnolia       Captain: Janet Covington    
Captain: Denise Johnson       Co-Captain: Melinda Ingram    
Co-Captain: Kathy Wright              
          Fire Training Academy Model Fire Station  
Welding Academy       Captain: James Rubow    
Captain: Casey Burns       Co-Captain:      
Co-Captain Wendy McWilliams            
          Manufacturing Building    
Aviation Hangar - Camden       Captain: Carl Ramsey    
Captain: Katherine Beckham     Co-Captain: Veronica Bush    
Co-Captain: Dee Waldron       Co-Captain: Cain Winans    
Aviation Hangar - Texarkana       Mechanical Maintenance Building   
Captain: Aaron Flowers       Captain: Eddie Horton    
          REL Tech Engineering Center*    
Business Building       Captain: Carissa Lewis    
Captain: Shelley Young       Co-Captain: Michala Moore    
Co-Captain: Moniqua Brown              
          Rocket Success Center    
Campus Police*       Captain: Kyra Jerry    
Captain: Jud Mitchell       Co-Captain: Frances Bowen    
Environmental Training Academy Admin. Bldg. Student Apartments (On-Campus and Off-Campus)
Captain: Randy Harper       Captain: Courtney Haygood  
Co-Captain: Laural Williams       Co-Captain RAs    
Environmental Training Academy Lab     Student Center*    
Captain: Kassandra Ivie       Captain: Courtney Haygood  
          Co-Captain: Paula Doss    
Fire Training Academy Dorm              
Captain: Class Captain       Uptown Center    
          Captain: Barbara Hamilton  
          Co-Captain: Markita Wilkins    
*Location of AED