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we are paying for dish in are off campuse aprtments that comes out of are housing fee and its almost the end of the midterm and we still havnt had dish cents day one and im woundering why were paying for a servise we are not getting. are we gona get refunded for that portion of not getting that servise or what its a rip off and not right I could of used that money for Netflix or somthin...

Thank you for making us aware that you are having an issue with the satellite in your apartment. Please be advised that for a quick response to work orders, notify the resident RA immediately of any work orders or  issues you may be having. The RA will pass along the work order to the Housing Manager to submit to the appropriate person(s) to resolve the issue. If your work order has not been completed in a timely manner or you have not received feedback as to the status of your work order, please contact the Housing manager or Director of Student Life and make them aware that you are still having the same issue.

The Housing Manager currently believes that your problem should now be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.